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The New Testament in yet one more language is hot-off-the-press! Back in August, our Anapolis aircraft did flights for the New Testament dedication and the distribution of the New Testament in audio format. It is very exciting to see that these New Testaments are now printed. The translator couple is currently in the village. The Bibles have arrived here in Anapolis and we will have the privilege of flying them there on January 20th when the aircraft goes to pick up the translator.

In December our pilot Jake was also able to participate in planning meetings in this same village that included the indigenous church leadership and
the translation team. They asked him to participate so they could discuss the logistics of getting evangelistic teams, with God’s word in their hands, to the other “B” villages. We looked at airstrips and calculated distances. The discussions also included the spiritual growth of the church. They discussed the best ways for new believers to grow in their faith. We will have the privilege of helping with that as well, as their ideas included attending conferences and seminaries in the “nearby” town and also hosting events and special speakers in their villages. The airplane is a great tool to help make all of those things happen!

Jake also requests prayer for flight subsidy funds so that more missionaries can have access to our services. If you feel led to find out more on how to help with that, go  here.  
From Jake: “I stay busy with the flights we do out of Anápolis and some of the managerial duties for our aviation operations department. I enjoy the mix of flying and planning. We praise the Lord for another year of safe flight operations.

We are so grateful for your prayers and support that allow us to be here!”


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